Anais Watterson
Season 3 Anais
Character Information
Gender: Female
Species: Rabbit
Age: 4
Friends: Gumball, Darwin, the Powerpuff Girls
Enemies: Tina Rex, Jamie, Mojo Jojo, Megatron, HIM, Boogyman, King Bowser Koopa
Relatives: Gumball (brother), Darwin (adoptive brother), Nicole (mother), Richard (father), Fangs (adoptive brother)
Anais Watterson is one of the main characters in The Amazing World of Gumball. Anais is the youngest and most intelligent member of the Watterson family. Despite being only four-years-old she attends Elmore Junior High with her older brothers Gumball and Darwin. When Unicron makes a deal, with her older brother, he merges her with Nicole, forming Scourge.


Anais is a small, pink rabbit. She resembles her father Richard Watterson, but is much shorter in stature and has more feminine appearance. Anais wears an orange dress with a white trim.



Anais is by far the most intelligent member of her family, although her young age prevents her from really being noticed by adults. She has been shown on numerous occasions to have a nack for solving problems, such as the time she figured a way out of her flooded house, and the time she developed a complex solution to solve the problem of getting her grandmother's luggage up a flight of stairs. Even though Anais is four-years-old she still attends Elmore Junior High because of her extremely high IQ; however, she is not in the same class as her brothers and instead goes to a junior kindergarten class located elsewhere in the school. Anais is also a valued member of the school's Physics Club, and her vast knowledge of the subject has actually saved her from bieng vaporized by an evormous robot. She is so smart that the only person smarter than her is Bobert.


Anais can also be considered the most mature member of her family aside from Nicole. She often takes care of her brothers in many ways, like helping them with their homework and making their breakfasts.


Anais has shown some signs of having her mother's fiery temper. When her brother accidentally lost her doll, she was extreamly upset and demanding, threatening to tell their mother what had happened. On another occasion, after finally her grandmother's bags upstairs, when asked to bring them back down she instead grew furious and kicked her suitcase out the window.

Infantile tendencies

Even though Anais is very mature for her age, there are still some occasions where she reverts to childish behavior. She is a huge fan of Daisy the Donkey, as evidenced by her Daisy plush toy and her extreme enthusiasm fo the Daisy on Ice show.