Zynothium!? You powered your plant with Zynothium? Are you crazy, girl? That stuff is dangerous and Unstable! Tell me you're not stupid enough to go messing with it.

—-Grievous to Poison Ivy

Grievous Booregard
General Grievous
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: General Grievous, lad (only to Skipper Shelton)
Species: Alien Cyborg
Age: TBA
Friends: Shaak Ti (love interest), Tron, Skips, Poison Ivy, Lola Bunny, Gator Ghoul, Bubbles, Flame Princess, Mordecai, Rigby, CJ, Skipper Shelton, Kelsey, Dawn, Bobert, Bunny, Hot Dog Water, Dipper, Mabel, Young Autobot, Sibella, Meatlug, Robin, Raven, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg
Enemies: Unicron, The Great Devourer, Clu, Ice Queen, Count Dooku, Captain Gutt, HIM, Phantasma, Sh'okanabo, Bane, Brain Gremlin, The Joker, Mojo Jojo, The Overlord, Joes
Relatives: Loretta Krueger (Mother), Benedict Krueger (Father), Carrie Krueger & Cierra (sister)
Occupation: General, Student
First Appearance: Trouble At The Well
Voiced by: Matthew Wood (season 1)

Yuri Lowenthal (season 2)

Khary Payton (The Gotham Girls Crossover & The Gotham Girls Crossover 2)

Mark Hamill (Ultimate Grievous)

General Grievous, originally known as Qymaen jai Sheelal, served as the Supreme Commander of the Army of the Confederacy throughout the Clone Wars. Allied with the Separatists, Grievous was known as a fearsome warrior that has killed a countless number of people throughout the galaxy. Originally a freedom fighter on his homeworld, the man who would come to be know as General Grievous quickly became a feared force on the battlefield. As a commander, Grievous lead his people to victory over those who had invaded their home. Grievous' tactical prowess attracted attention from the Sith Lords Palpatine and Dooku, who, with the help of the Intergalactic Banking Clan, arranged for Grievous' shuttle to be shot down so that Sidious could use him as guinea pig in his twisted experiments. The result was the cyborg body that contained his brain and vital organs with versatile mechanized extremities. He's been adoptive by his Mom & Dad. He learn sword fight with Jack and in Adventure Time Crossover he is taught how to create stimpaks from Leonard, who he ends up working with in Adventure Time Crossover.


Shaak ti

He needed a partner, someone who loves him in all sense. The only lady for this wonderful warrior is Shaak Ti! Shaak Ti's the reason how Grievous unlocked his true potential.


She's Grievous's adoptive sister



Skips always fixs mistakes that Young Autobot, Darwin, Lola, & Grievous makes

Lola Bunny


Flame Princess

in "The Powerpuff Girls Crossover", Grievous is trying to be nice to her. He told Finn about Flame Princess. Finn told him that his armer is fire proof.




Skipper Shelton

Skipper always called him "lad". he give Grievous some clams all day long


She's Grievous' niece in the future


She knows that what she saw in Grievous' aura


When Grievous was attack by the Fright Hound, He & Bobert Combined into "Ultimate Grievous"


Grievous trys to bring her back, But he fail. And then he had help with The Powerpuff Girls. So he use artificial sweetener instead of sugar, dirt and twigs instead of spices and they put in what they think is nice such as; Crayons, books, lizards, flowers, computers, footballs, stuffed animals, calculators, a mackerel, more flowers, a compass, boxing gloves, a ribbon, art, bandaids, a smiley face, a globe and a knuckle sandwich (Buttercup punches the mixture). At last he use Chemical X.

Hot Dog Water

Grievous thinks that she smells nice





The Great Devourer

Ever since The Great Devourer ate Gumball, He told his friends to snap out of it and destroy The Great Devourer.


Grevious sees Clu as a mortal enemy when he tried to invade their base.

Ice Queen

Count Dooku

Captain Gutt



Grievous (2099)

Grievous Konzept

Grievous (2099)

He grew up as the cool Hero and team up with Young Autobot & Superman. But, when the future changes, He knows that Gumball died at the hands of an unknowen villain (That Grievous don't know it's name yet.), It up to him and his friends to save both Gumball and the future.



General Grievous - Blow Me Away

General Grievous - Blow Me Away