Gumball Watterson
Season 3 Gumball
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Gummypuss, Catalyst of Social Discontent, The Blue One (only by Granny Jojo)
Species: Cat
Age: 12
Friends: Darwin,

Noah, Duncan,Hammerin

Enemies: Miami MutilatorMojo JojoHIM

Sebastian LongquinMegatronClu The Great Devourer Gumbot Dark Gumball

Relatives: Darwin Watterson Manny Pardo

Anais Watterson Nicole Watterson Richard Watterson Granny Jojo Penny Fitzgerald Blossom Jess Rocky Robinson Tina Rex Miss Simian Mr. Small Duncan Dexter Bubbles Buttercup Tron Mordecai Rigby Toothless Spyro Mike Watterson (Long-Lost-and-Forgotten Brother)

Occupation: Student, Miami Mutilator, miami police
First Appearance: Hotline miami
Voiced by: Nicky Jones (Pilot), Logan Grove (Season 1-2 and most of "The Kids"), Jacob Hopkins ("The Kids" to "The Copycats"), Nicolas Cantu ("The Copycats" to Present), Johnny Galecki (Adult)
Gumball Tristopher Watterson is the main character of the television series The Amazing World of Gumball and the main protagonist in The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie And A Supporting Character In Memories and The Main Protagonist in The Powerpuff Girls Crossover and a bit later on the Adventure Time Crossover. He is a twelve-year-old, turquoise colored male cat that goes to Elmore Junior High with his ten-year-old adopted little brother Darwin and his four-year-old sister Anais. Gumball is in Miss Simian's class. Gumball also has a crush on Penny, who is also in Miss Simian's class. Penny has a crush on Gumball as well, but they struggle to express their emotions to each other.


Gumball is a blue cat with an oversized head,two whiskers but only one is visible because his head is never at an angle. He usually wears gray trousers coupled with a tan sweater which is bordered with brown on the cuffs and collar (Which is shockingly revealed in The Date to have been found by his dad in a sewage outlet). Like his mother and father, Gumball doesn't wear shoes, and is the only member of the Wattersons (including Darwin) without visible eyelashes.


Gumball is very portrayed as a fun-loving, imaginative, optimistic, and a very mischievous cat. When his mishaps get himself into a mess, he usually attempts to put them right with somewhat dimwitted ideas, which usually get him into even more trouble than before. No matter how his schemes turn out, his optimism stops him from learning his lesson. He usually plans his mishaps with Darwin. Like Darwin, Gumball does not appear to acknowledge that he is being tricked, which may mean that he is too optimistic and to notice most negative things around him. Gumball seems to never learn his lesson.

He has a big ego and it is where he is most sensitive. He is usually positive on all matters concerning him. Surprisingly, he seems really stupid and smart at the same time. For instance, he acts really dumb and goes to great illogical lengths to find something. However, he has proven some degree of cleverness in other instances.

Gumball may be smart, but not wise. He is a decent cook, making a very good sandwich for Darwin, as mentioned in The Secret, and is shown making some good (albeit spicy) meal for him in the same episode. However, in The Responsible, Gumball makes disgusting food for Anais, which included a rotten fish between bread slices and an old shoe. This may have been because they were both underestimating her though.

The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie


In The Book, He is a Gentleman, Sweet, And Always Protect his Girlfriend. While Penny is in Coma, He Stays In The Hospital With Penny Hoping She Wake Up. Gumball is a Supporting Character in Memories.



They both defeated Ra's al Ghul on The Scarecrow Who Killed Lola Bunny Part 3.



Gumball and Darwin are best friends/"half-brothers" and have a very close relationship. The two boys have a big imagination and like to get into all sorts of trouble they have to fix. They get along very well, although they quarrel at times. However, Gumball can be a bad influence on Darwin. Gumball sometimes turns his nose up at Darwin's ideas due to his egocentric tendencies. Darwin was once Gumball's pet fish, who sprouted legs with the power of love, learned to talk and became able to digest food other than skin flakes. Gumball was about 4 when he got Darwin.


Gumball usually never relies on Anais with his problems. She likes to inform Gumball that she is wrong and he is right. Although Gumball will never admit it, he actually loves and admires his sister and knows that she is right about things most of the time.



Mr. Robinson

Gumball always idolizes him to earn his favor. Ironically, Mr. Robinson despises Gumball for irritating him all the time. Although, in The Debt, Mr. penis does thank Gumball for raping his life, but then yells at him for ruining his great performance.hi

HM HAmmerin

Gumball and Tobias have a history of rivalry behind them, although their relationship is somewhat unclear. In The Pressure, Tobias and Gumball form a no-girls pact and Gumball doesn't keep up with it very well. Also, in The Third, Tobias becomes Gumball and Darwin's friend for twenty dollars, but he ends up ignoring Gumball and befriending Darwin. It is clear that Tobias did this to upset Gumball.

Penny Fitzgerald

Gumball Watterson is kissing Penny Fitzgerald on The Shell
Gumball and Penny each have massive crushes on each other. Unfortunately, neither is capable of expressing it, even though they are both aware of the other's affection. So far, Penny has kissed Gumball on the cheek twice; in addition, they attempted to kiss more affectionately twice - once in The Pressureand another in The Party. Both attempts failed as in the former, Banana Joe chopped down the treehouse that the kiss was taking place in, and in the resulting confusion, Gumball kisses Darwin. In the latter, the moment was ruined by Gumball's dad honking his car horn loudly.


Tina Rex

Miss Simian

Mr. Small




Gumball with Blossom


The Hammer

The Hammer is the only new playable character in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number only available in the Level Editor. Prior to its beta release, he was only alluded to as a "secret character" who was already in the game.

The Hammer can fight a wider variety of enemies than any other playable character in the series, having no limit on the enemy faction sprites that can be spawned on his levels.

Dennis Wedin stated in a blog post that "the purpose of adding him into the editor is giving you a blank piece of paper. It's up to you people to create the story behind The Hammer."bbles




When Gumball & Mordecai Met They Become Best Pals





A great couples tawog ng by tawogfan2000-d6jce2s

Gumball x Jess



Gumball x Carrie


M o j o J o j o a p o o p



Dark Gumball

Sebastian Longquin



Ever since Gumball was transported to The Grid he immidiatly became enemies with Clu once he found out that he tried to derezz Tron.

The Great poop

The Great Devourer (3)
  • H.M. Hammarin has a cover of Riz Ortolani's "Love with Fun" theme to Cannibal Holocaust, called "You Eat Me Alive." Two separate renditions of Love with Fun (Cannibal and Cannibal2) were featured in Dennis Wedin's drop box during the Hotline Miami 2 beta file sharing. Riz Ortolani's "Oh My Love" also went over the masked killing scene in Drive.
  • The Hammer's walk animations flop his hair from side to side. The only other player characters in the series with dynamic hair like this are Corey and The Son.
  • The Hammer's orange gloves are featured prominently in his "Shine" music video. Similar sunglasses are worn in "Stranger to the Face of Love."
  • The Hammer is the only playable character in the level editor that is unplayable in both Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2.
  • The Hammer can execute enemies by punching them when they're knocked out against a wall as of right now in the Hotline Miami 2 Level Editor beta.


There's a way to use his skin for Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City games on PC is using a mod or paint, but getting his voice in the game files is tricky and hard.