Rachel Wilson
Rachel -)
Character Information
Gender: Girl
Species: Rainbow Girl
Age: 15
Friends: Penny, Carrie, Gumball,Dawne Hillard(bestest friend), Bloom Masterson, Darwin, Megatron (formaly)
Enemies: Mojo Jojo, HIM, June, Megatron, Carrie (rival)

The spring of chaos

Relatives: Tobias (brother), Tobias' Mom, Tobias' Dad
First Appearance: The Third
Voiced by: Jessica McDonald
Rachel Wilson is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is Tobias' big sister, and believes herself to be of higher value than the younger kids.


Rachel's general appearance is similar to her little brother and mother, but she more closely resembles her mother because of her humanoid stature, compared to Tobias' cloud physique.

Her skin is blue in color, and her hair fades from yellow to fuchsia. Like the rest of her family, Rachel has a headband on her hair.

Rachel's usual outfit consists of a white t-shirt and a yellow skirt.

Episode Appearaces

The Mystery: In the class album.
The Party: She is the main character.
The Third: in school.
The Curse:
is cameo character.
The Ape: in cafeteria.

The End: in playground.
My Baby Elf: in replace Miss Achmetha Parody VeggieTales on Silly Song


Rachel views herself to be of a higher class than Tobias and his friends, calling them "dumb loser babies" on occasion. At first, Rachel did not want to let Tobias' friends attend the party, but Tobias warned her that if she did not let them come, he'd tell their parents, leaving her no choice

At the party, none of Rachel's friends showed up (possibly because they found out she was letting some of the younger kids attend) and as a result, she was crushed. Darwin, however, saw her crying outside and tried to comfort her by cleaning up the ruined house. Rachel was extremely happy, and gave Darwinakiss on the cheek as a thank you. This has lead many fans to believe that she might have romantic feelings for him.  

The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie




Darwin tells her that the party is not ruined, since the underclassmen are her friends and he will personally clean up the entire house. Rachel doubts him for a moment, but when Darwin reassures her, she feels better about the party.

Darwin had been cleaning up the house as promised. Rachel is very grateful and asks Darwin why he doesn't have a girlfriend. When Darwin states that he does not see the point of one, Rachel shows him and kisses him on the cheek, causing him to fall in love and faint.

When she knew that Carrie and Darwin were dating she got so jealous that she made her own robot army so she can kidnap Darwin, but after she knew that what she was doing was wrong she decided to use those robots to help Gumball and his team to fight Megatron.