The Great Dvourer
Character Information
Gender: Male
Species: Snake
Age: Unknown
Friends: Unicron, Savage Opress, Darth Maul, The Stone Army
Enemies: Megatron, Gumball Watterson, Young Autobot, Optimus Prime, Lord Garmadon, Mumm-ra
Relatives: Unknown
Occupation: Snake God
First Appearance: The Rise of The Great Devourer
The Great Devourer in an ancient and extemely dangerous snake that gets bigger everytime it consumes anybody or anything. When it was released from its tomb it ate Gumball and was trying to eat the others but before it could eat them Unicron got in its way and reminded it about their mission to destroy elmore and then the world. When Gumball's friends escaped they wouldn't do anything but cry but when they thought of an idea on how to defeat it they all snapped out of it.

When they put their plan into action they didn't destroy it but made it weak enough to call in a retreat. After they attacked The Great Devourer it spitted out Gumball and then retreated along with Unicron and Megatron.

Megatron made The Great Devourer promise that it can stay in his group as long as it dosen't harm Teri, however it broke the promise but before it could harm her Megatron got in it's way and faught it, kicked it out of his group, and left it to die.




Unicron was the one that released The Great Devourer and included in Megatron's group. Unicron felt sorry for The Great Devourer when Megatron kicked it out of the group.



Pythor was orginally the one that was given the mission to release The Great Devourer for Megatron but he decided to release it for his own purpose.



256944-Megatron of The Hub s Transformers Prime

Before The Great Devourer joined Megatron's group it had to promise not to harm Teri, however, it broke the promise and tried to harm her but before it could Megatron stood in its way leading for it to fight him, got kicked out of the group, and be left for death.


Kelsey's one of The Great Devourer's mortal enemies when she beated it up when it was about to eat Darwin.